Bringing enterprise sensibilities to Google Maps

Posted on July 1, 2009


For the past 20 years, web-based geographic mapping was very difficult to perform, and largely remained a curiosity prior to the release of Google Maps in 2005. Since then, a cottage industry around consumer mapping has appeared and has produced over 150,000 publicly available maps.

This interest in the “location perspective” has extended to businesses of all sizes, and for good reason: this perspective can complement your existing business intelligence operations, to improve operational efficiencies or to reduce costs.

However, business data is typically stored in disconnected silos, which must first be integrated before the data can be placed on a map. And, if the cost of such integration exceeds the expected gains, the deployment will not proceed and efficiencies and cost reductions will never be realized.


Smaller businesses, and even some larger businesses, can avoid the silo by bringing Google Apps into their environment.

Over 400,000 organizations, Universities and large corporations, use Google Apps to avoid silos and create an opportunity to easily integrate Google Maps, and thus gain that important location perspective into their operations.

For more information on how the location context can benefit your business, please contact us to arrange a webinar.

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