What is beyond the Google Map?

Posted on June 16, 2009
Google Maps as a Panorama Viewer
Google Maps as a Panorama Viewer

Flight Patterns data set on a Google Map by Aaron KoblinFlight Patterns data set on a Google Map

Google Map’s intuitive user and user friendly controls make it a suitable platform to deliver content beyond maps and markers. Mosley by Matt Murtagh is an example of stitched together images that form a panorama. The Google Maps platform is used to allow the user to take a look around this panorama.

Aaron Koblin’s Flight Patterns example is another creative use of the Google Map platform. In this example it is used to present flight patterns across the United States. Again here the user can zoom right in just like on a regular map, just don’t expect to plan your next road trip on this ‘Google Map’.

Today “Google Map” is not necessarily limited to streets and directions. As Matt and Aaron have shown in their examples creative and out of the box thinking allow developers to leverage the power of the Google Maps API and use it as a platform to deliver a different kind of map; one that does not show where you can get coffee around you. This is the power of the Google Maps API, nobody knows the future. This flexible API allow you to replace the default tiles with high resolution images and navigate the data as if it were a Google Map, generate custom tiles that complement the default Google tiles, or even routing personalized for your organization to present your users with directions that go through your buildings, across parking lots, and even on a cold, winter day, be able to compare shortest paths versus warmest paths like we have done for the University of Ottawa Campus Map.

We invite you to contact our proven Google Maps developers whether you have the next big map mashup idea, or if you are looking to utilize this platform to present your data and benefit from this by enhancing your users’ experience while exploring your data set.

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  1. Liliana
    Jul 08, 2009

    Solo quiero saber si me pueden facilitar el código de la funcion de Buscar en google maps, es para adicionarcela a mi aplicacion

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