Isn’t it time to upgrade your campus map?

Posted on May 22, 2009

If there is one map I tend to ruminate the most on, it would have to be our work on OttawaU’s interactive campus map.

As demonstrated in the video, the new map is chock full of features that I wish I had had during my days at school. I would have especially liked that “Warmest Route” feature to help writing a case study paper during the winter months.

It was a logical step for OttawaU’s IT Department to migrate the map to a Google mapping interface, since students today use this type of map on a daily basis. While we used to frivolously decipher maps by a locations corresponding number and letter, they’re zooming and panning the location on an iPhone.

When looking around at other College’s maps, it is evident that not many have chosen this path and would rather let students “navigate” a static map.

Scalability issues aside, what does a static map say to your student base and those considering enrolment. You might have just been taken off their “safety list.”

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